I love my wife.  But like a good wife, she tries to have just a “littttttle bit of input” into my life.  Simple things like what I eat, who I’m friends with, which posts I like on Instagram and which juices I drink.  For the most part I am kidding, but God forbid I forget to like one of her posts on Facebook, I’d better get nice and comfy in the guest bedroom.  I am an acquired taste.  I am so grateful that today, my wife loves me for me, after she was done making just a “few minor changes.”  Most good ideas are simple.  In my home, it’s do what you’re told and we’ll get along just fine.  For the record, I am in charge of only two things.  What to watch on TV until 8am, and how fast I run at the gym.  Thus, when my wife asked me to blog, I wasn’t really sure what to write.  Most of the time when my wife wants my opinion, she’ll tell me what it is.  Thus I came up with the following topic:

The top 4 things My wife won’t let me blog about:

1. Autoimmune disease. Are they real, or they are they made up by the pharmaceutical companies to sell medication.  Nothing like starting off with conflict.  Anyone who has spent time with me speaking on the phone has probably heard me say the following:  “I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV or Facebook.”  Most autoimmune are straight nutritional deficiency and toxicity.  It can’t be that simple? I once yelled at my health coach Noelle Quero.  The body is designed to heal itself.  The problem has been most people, including myself, have made hundreds of thousands of little decisions, about what to eat, what to drink, what types of shampoos, hair gels and deodorants to wear.  Every micro decision either brings your body closer to health or closer to disease.  It is that simple.

2.  What about genetics.  I ran with this one for years.  Everything was my mom and dad’s fault (especially my mom).  I have 2 rules to sum this up:

Rule #1:  After 30, it is no longer your parents fault.  Before you’re 30, you can blame them for everything.

RULE #2:  It’s 90% environment and 10% genetics.  I used to think I had a weak immune system.  First, I blamed it on my parents, then I blamed it on my wife, and of course my favorite was all the moms at the office I worked in, were dragging their sickness that they picked up from their children playing with other children.  Guess what, sickness can’t live in a healthy body.  Now that sounds too simple.  I repeat: sickness can’t live in a healthy body.  Once I removed the toxins from my body and loaded my body with organic nutrients, I started getting better.  I haven’t been sick in years.

3.  BEWARE OF FAKE HEALTHY PEOPLE.  I have about 30 friends who are health coaches.  5 of them actually know what they are talking about.  I have about 20 friends who are trainers.  About 3 of them know what they are talking about.    I know many good doctors.  Only a few of them understand nutrition or even mention it to their patients.  I also know many doctors who’s first, second and third instinct is to prescribe medication. What’s the point?  We are surrounded in society by people who claim to understand health, yet very few do.  If my house was burning down, I wouldn’t want a team of guys who watched Chicago Fire on TV to roll up and practice saving my home.  I’d want the real fire department.  Thus, with my life at stake or my general overall health, I am very careful as to who I trust.  If the person giving me advice tells me there is no difference between conventional and organic produce, thanks for the information, see you on the rebound.  If the person is telling me to cut back or eliminate cold pressed organic juicing, I have more choice words for them, but the truth is they are telling me to cut back on organic vegetables and fruits which will heal almost any ailment I have.  QUALIFIER.  I AM NOT A DOCTOR NOR DO I PRETEND TO BE EITHER HERE OR ON FACEBOOK.

4. Testosterone replacement therapy.  Please don’t get me started.  One, some men are testosterone deficient.  Two, there are many holistic options to boost your testosterone without pumping yourself with drugs.  Three, the other 95% of the men out there, despite what these fake labs tell you, are not testosterone deficient.  Please understand where they are coming from.  They have a product they want to sell you.  They tell you, you will look better, feel stronger, be better in the bedroom, have more energy, and the best part? Insurance will pay for the whole thing.  Wow, I just can’t see what’s wrong with that.

Try some maca, blueberries, organic nuts which are high in testosterone elevating omega 3 fatty acids, eggs (especially the yolks as that is where most of the nutrients are), grass fed organic beef, vitamin d, zinc, and of course, reduce the toxins in your body.

Mom warned me a long time ago, shortcuts get you no where fast.  When it comes to health, shortcuts reduce your life span.  Wow.  Strong words, but no one ever got better by watering down the truth with Mickey Mouse nutrition.