Organic Cold Pressed Juices

We take pride in providing you with the most nutrient rich and organic juices.

  • Organic
  • Raw
  • Unpasteurized
  • Cold-Pressed
  • Made Fresh Everyday
  • Glass Bottles
  • Easy Delivery Service to Your Home or Business
  • Local Organic Produce Sourced from Global Organics and other local markets.
  • Our Ratio:  80-90% Vegetables to 10-20% Fruit  (MOJ is not trying to mask the flavor with too much fruit content-  We’re in it for you to win it!)

Today, Juice Bars are all over the map.  Next to sipping coffee at Starbucks, fresh Juice is now the most popular beverage- and Juice is so much better for you!

Fresh Juice sounds healthy, but did you know?  Not all Fresh Juice is created equal.

The My Organic Juice Approach to Organic Cold Pressed Juices

Here are the different approaches to juicing:

Centrifugal Juicing:  Most made-to-order Organic Cold Pressed Juices at juice bars are produced by a machine with a blade that moves at an extremely high velocity.  This is also known as a Nutrifaster (or commercial juicer).  Not only does this method of juicing tear up the fruits and veggies leaving little to no fiber, but it also heats up the components, resulting in the destruction of valuable elements.  These juices, therefore, cannot be considered raw.  What’s the point of drinking a juice that will have limited nutritional value?!

High-Pressure Pasteurization (HPP):  All juice products on the shelves at grocery stores or health food stores must undergo this process.  It is a cold-pasteurization process that extends the shelf life of any product.  For years this process has been used to preserve packaged deli meat, seafood, yogurt, cheese, hummus and guacamole.  Today, this process is commonly used for Organic Cold Pressed Juices and is said to “…allow the development of juices and beverages with fresh-like organoleptic quality and nutrition while extending the shelf life of the product …”.   Do you want to drink “fresh-like” juices?? Ask yourself the following question:  How do they make juices last for 30 days without losing any nutritional content?  It doesn’t pass the sniff test.

Cold-Pressed:  A superior process that provides the most nutrient-loaded, wholesome and beneficial Organic Cold Pressed Juices known to date.  Fresh vegetables and fruits are hydraulically pressed- slowly and carefully.  This procedure puts an incredible amount of pressure on the foods (without grinding or heating); this pressure directly extracts the juice while preserving all the enzymes, nutrients and minerals-up to 5 times more than a centrifugal juicer!  This process is unique and sensitive.  It is best to keep these raw Cold-Pressed juices refrigerated and to enjoy them within 3 days.  My Organic Juice is 100% organic, as local as possible, always unpasteurized and never contains any additives or preservatives.   Through the MOJ process, you will be getting the highest quality nutrition available while experiencing the best and freshest tasting juices.  Besides, what’s the point in drinking a cold-pressed juice if it’s not organic?  Who wants concentrated chemicals roaming around in their body??

Experience Our Organic Cold Pressed Juices

My Organic Juice was not conceived for the sole purpose of making money and building an empire.

For whatever reason- if you are ill, extremely busy, on-the-go, stuck in unhealthy patterns, seeking another dimension of health, consumed by work,  just not feeling as good as you know you could, or even if you are already living a healthy and vibrant lifestyle- you should try the My Organic Juice difference.

We purchase our produce from different local organic sources. There are extremely rare occasions when weather, politics, or other disturbances may challenge us to get an item of organic produce. Please know we will move heaven and earth to be 100% organic, regardless of cost.

My Organic Juice includes a delivery service.  We make it easy as One, Two, Drink! You can choose from our weekly delivery service or a la carte delivery service (five-drink minimum).

The weekly delivery service is set up for automatic deliveries- you can pick the day(s) you want your delivery either Sunday/Wednesday/Friday between 12-7pm!  Just place a one time order online or call 561-403-1700 with any ordering questions, and once, twice or even three times a week you will routinely receive your personally ordered fresh, organic, Organic Cold Pressed Juices stored in an insulated My Organic Juice bag with ice packs.  With each new delivery simply leave last weeks insulated bag packed with defrosted ice packs and empty glass bottles at your front door; like magic, our service will swap this for your new order.  You can choose the juices you would like or leave the selection to us!

Our Cleanses can be ordered online and delivered either Wednesday evening or Sunday evening.  The Cleanses are not set up for automatic delivery.  All Cleanses are delivered in an insulated My Organic Juice bag with ice packs.

A la carte (five-drink minimum) is great if you are trying our Organic Cold Pressed Juices for the first time.  If you want to sample what we offer, if you travel or if you desire bi-weekly or monthly delivery service, the a la carte service might be best for you.  We currently have a wide variety of over 20 different juices to choose from.

MOJ constantly provides you with the upmost nutrition.


MOJ 3 ounce Energizing & Detoxifying Shots and New (fruit-less) Juices