There are certainly a lot of trends out there today. And the juicing trend has been very hot lately and for good reason. The Health Revolution has been gaining momentum in the last few years. Many Ivy League trained MD’s are turning to holistic medicine in this new millennium. Holistic (Preventative) medicine is getting to the root of the disease rather than just treating the symptoms. We are all born with certain genetics, and many have believed that there is nothing we can do about them. However, new studies in epigenetics is proving that genes can be turned on and off by lifestyle choices. This is why the juice cleanse / juicing trend has been so popular and is one trend that is here to stay!

More and more people are being diagnosed with auto-immune diseases, cancer, diabetes and the list goes on. I was diagnosed with 5 auto-immune diseases and cancer 7 years ago. Instead of the traditional chemo treatment I decided I wanted to get to the root of why this was happening to me and spent the last years healing my body naturally through nutrition. I had no idea that digestion, inflammation and gut issues were the root cause of all disease. Did you know that if you are not going to the bathroom 2-3 x’s a day, there is something going on with your digestion that needs to be addressed? This is because your body is designed to always be cleansing. When our body is toxic it causes inflammation and wreaks havoc on our digestive system and we do not feel good. We have many uncomfortable symptoms and are diagnosed with auto-immune diseases that we can¹t even pronounce. We are prescribed medications and are told that we will need to be on these for the rest of our life. We are left upset, confused and frustrated.

The good news is our body is a perfect, well-built machine and always wants to heal. We just need to give it the right tools to do its job. We had a client the other day call and say she was “afraid” to cleanse. I heard my husband on the phone with her telling her that her body is already automatically cleansing throughout the day through sweat and going to the bathroom. So when you do a legitimate planned cleanse you are only enhancing your own body’s natural ability to cleanse itself. Sometimes your body is impaired through food choices and lifestyle choices and you just feel sluggish and toxic. Your body is telling you it needs an extra help to clean out the toxins and needs a boost of nutrition. Juicing is the best way to flood your body with nutrients that goes directly into your cells immediately. It can also be called “crowding out” -out with the bad and in with the good. Pushing out toxic debris while flooding your cells with potent antioxidants.

People always ask us about smoothies and where they will get their fiber during a juice cleanse. Smoothies are great and have their place in healing to a certain extent. The problem with smoothies for some people is that they take 4-5 hours to digest. People that are already having digestion issues cannot digest them. They will sit and ferment in your stomach and you will not feel your best. Juicing contains soluble fiber which has many digestive benefits and is a critical process to cleansing and healing your body. That is why people feel so good when they do a juice cleanse. Most people feel the best they have ever felt in their life after a 3-Day Organic Juice Cleanse.

As with most things in life, it is important to find balance in whatever healing process you do. In Chinese medicine they call this Yin and Yang. With a juice cleanse it is no different. A juice cleanse can be very Yin which many people desperately need. However, people that are already Yin, and need to balance your body, we found that adding healing soups that My Organic Juice offers was the perfect addition to any juice cleanse. Especially our bone broth soups which help heal your gut. The concept of the cold juice with warm healing vegan and healing bone broth is the ultimate in any healing protocol and most condensed nutrition imaginable. You will feel the best you have ever felt in your life after a 3 Day Cleanse. Guaranteed.