I had to write this blog because a friend of mine mentioned to me recently that they started getting a meal delivery service and it was super healthy and was so excited to find it. They offer some sort of clean eating program, no sugar, no fat, no salt, no carbs and a ton of protein. That is when I decided I had to clear things up because the community is still misinformed on nutrition, weight loss and how your body best functions.

Below are 10 things you are doing that you think is healthy but, in reality, are actually ruining your health!

1) Salt

People try to avoid salt. You should avoid refined table salt because it is stripped of its minerals and made in a lab and can be toxic. However, the reality is, sea salt has many minerals in it that your body needs to function properly. Sea salt comes from nature. Your body needs these minerals to thrive. So to avoid all salt is not healthy for your body and you can actually cause more health issues by eliminating salt from your diet.

2) Fat

Your body needs good fats. You do not get fat by eating fat. In fact, your body gets more balanced and functions better by eating good fats such as bone broth (we make an incredible Bone Broth soup!), coconut oil, avocado’s, pasture raised dairy, olive oil etc. Fats can be good for your brain and improves memory. Obviously there are a lot of fats out there that you should not be eating and this includes any highly refined GMO oils like canola oil.

3) Protein

We have a lot of fitness folks that like to load up on protein. But truth be told, not all protein is created equal. Not all protein is digestible. Proteins such as meat, whey, soy and peanuts are very hard for your body to digest which leads them to build up in your body and cause chaos. That is why we highly recommend digestible proteins like pea, collagen, sprouted brown rice, pumpkin and sacha Inchi proteins. These are the only proteins we use in our creation of “The Worlds Healthiest Bars”

4) Eggs

There are a few issues with eggs. First, people are avoiding the yolk. The yolk is where all the nutrients are contained. Your body functions better with these nutrients. When you try to separate a perfectly created food you are creating chaos in your body. Second, people are only eating the egg whites and in high amounts. This is too much protein for your body! Your body can not digest all of these proteins. Also, if you are buying egg white protein, this is toxic. One, for the reason above, you are separating a perfectly good food. Second, unless it is organic, pasture raised eggs it is toxic. Period.

5) Fish

Many people are still eating fish based on the fact that it has good omegas. However, most fish are loaded with mercury, so even though it may have omegas, the mercury in the fish cancels out any health benefits. However, smaller fish like anchovies, mackerel, sardines, and herring is your best bet and does have a ton of nutrients. There are also companies that test for mercury before they sell it, like Vital Choice. You can get some very healthy salmon on this website.

6) Wine

People think that having wine every night relieves their tension, has high antioxidants and reduces the risk of heart attack. I hate to ruin all the fun, because I do love wine and I feel that anything in moderation is good, but the bottom line is wine can be very toxic and has a ton of acid in it which is not good for your body. The good news is you can find healthier wines, organic sulfate free wine that can be a healthy choice, especially if it is red, and you will get some good antioxidants for sure. The bad news is that most restaurants and bars don’t carry the organic, so you may have to plan ahead and bring your own.

7) Coffee

OK, now I’m really starting to push some buttons. I love coffee. I refuse to give it up but I feel there are healthier versions of it that can be better for you. I believe every person is different and you should see how your body reacts to it. Coffee is acidic and disease thrives in an acidic environment. Coffee has the highest amount of pesticides out there. You must get organic. I like to put a good fat in my coffee like organic, pasture raised butter or organic raw cream from the farm. I also believe cold brew has less acid. I cannot wait for our version of cold brew coffee to come out!

8) Carbs

The reality is all food groups were created on this planet for a reason. Some people do better on grains and some do not. To rule out all carbs I believe is not healthy. There are some very good ancient grains out there that can be very healthy depending on your body composition. The truth is nearly everything in moderation can be healthy. When you start putting yourself on a strict diet of “I can’t have carbs because I will gain weight” mentally and physically you are setting yourself up for failure.

9) Conventional Produce

I don’t even know where to begin here. There are so many pesticides in today’s conventional crops that make people very sick. More people are getting cancer each year and we are wondering why? We are polluting our environment and our food supply! The good news is organic is growing around 15% every year and I am praying this madness ends soon. Another pet peeve of mine is to see all these healthy places, supposedly clean food restaurants that do not serve organic foods but sell juices and shakes that you think are good for you but are actually filled with toxic conventional produce!

10) GMO’s

Monsanto is making seeds that are pesticide resistant, therefore increasing the pesticides on our crops to make them more toxic for human consumption. Changing the integrity of our seeds is completely ruining our entire food supply. Our body does not recognize how to process these man made, genetically modified organisms because our body was made to work perfectly with nature.

The main point is once we get back to nature and how the earth was intended to provide us everything that we could possibly need, we will become healthier as a society. We will be happier, and function better because our bodies will not be filled with all these toxins! I know from personal experience being so sick for so many years. After changing my entire way of living and being more aligned with nature, my life completely changed. I am the happiest I have ever been in my life and have more energy then I did when I was 20. Just making these few changes will dramatically increase your health and your vitality. Live life as nature intended and you will never go wrong! Light, Love and Health. Karolyn Fox