The holidays are in full swing and if you saw our last blog post you may have taken part in our Post Thanksgiving juice cleanse. But amidst all the Christmas time busy-ness and shopping for loved ones, New Years resolutions may be coming to mind. It goes without saying that one of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to get in shape. As soon as the ball drops that’s it – diets begin. Say auld lang syne to bottles of champagne and peppermint ice cream.

One of the most popular ways to get in shape and healthy after the holidays is by starting a juice cleanse. A juice cleanse is a good way to detox the body. Out with the bad, in with the new. Preparing your mind now will make starting a juice cleanse much easier come midnight New Years. Here are our top tips from My Organic Juice.

Starting a Juice Cleanse

Choose a Juice Cleanse You Like

Before even starting a juice cleanse it’s important to choose one you’ll enjoy and stick to. After all, why do anything in this life you won’t enjoy? All our juice cleanses at My Organic Juice are fully customizable to suit any taste. Choose from 32 cold-pressed, raw, organic juices with flavors ranging from Vanilla Almond Mylk to Wheatgrass High.

The first day is typically the toughest

The first day starting a juice cleanse is almost always the hardest. Eating is a habit and comfort. Taking that away will make you well aware of how often you eat and can come with weird troublesome feelings of separation anxiety. Stick through the first day and we promise it gets easier. Use these moments as a time to practice mindfulness and really savor each sip of our delicious organic juices! Keep your mind busy and feed your body with other nutrients, like a good book or some quality time in conversation with a loved one.

The more you prepare the easier it will be

The more you prepare before actually starting a juice cleanse the easier it will be. A juice cleanse doesn’t begin on the first day you fast from solids and drink only juice; it begins long before that. It’s not good for your body to inhale a pie of pizza the night before starting a juice cleanse and think you’ll feel up to simply sipping fruits and veggies for the nest few days. Ease into your cleanse with our daily program and those all juice days will actually be enjoyable, not torture.

Be patient

A juice cleanse is NOT a quick fix to lossing weight. While weight loss is an added benefit, that’s not the goal here. Starting a juice cleanse is something you do to create a body of health and overall wellness. It’s a time to give your digestive tract a chance to rest and reset while flushing out toxins the good ole’ healthy way. Stick to it and you’ll not only see results, but feel them as well.

What are your tips for starting a juice cleanse.