Hi my name is Jamie Nagy and I would like to tell you how my life was changed drastically, for the better, nine months ago. I have had Hashimoto’s disease (hypothyroidism) since 1998 in addition to having asthma since I was about sixteen years old. In October 2014 I had an episode of asthmatic bronchitis for the first time in twenty years and the doctor put me on prednisone (a steroid) and an antibiotic and I got well but two weeks later it recurred with a vengeance.

The doctor put me on another round of steroids (which I even questioned as to whether or not it was a good idea because steroids DO affect your thyroid) and he said it was fine and he also told me to stop my thyroid pill for six days because my levels were too hyper. Well, six days later, I went to take my synthroid after being on my second round of prednisone for six days and I got so sick and my head felt like it was going to explode. Every day when I tried to take my thyroid pill the same thing would happen, bad headaches, dizziness, you name it. I went to doctors who told me I needed a good shrink and that there was nothing wrong with me.

After feeling so hopeless that I would never be well again and knowing I had three children to take care of (two of which were small) I reached out to Ben and Karolyn Fox and that is when I began to fight back and I got my life back, only a much cleaner and healthier version of my life now. They got me on the right path of detoxing and getting all of that poison out of my system (the steroids can take thirty plus days to leave your system depending on the person). I started drinking green juices every day and feeling better and better each time I drank one.

I decided to fight back and with the help of Ben, Karolyn and God, who gave me the strength to fight back, I began my new regime. I started eating low carb, low sugar and little to no cholesterol and I gave up drinking alcohol completely (July 31st will be nine months of no alcohol, sweets, etc). I also started eating a TON of fruit… lots of red, bright colored berries to protect and nourish my mitochondria which protects your brain from autoimmune diseases (which Hashimoto’s disease is).

I then got introduced to the healing soup called bone broth which is also made by My Organic juice and I just felt my body healing from the inside out. I was healing my gut (and I still am to this day as I drink my bone broth every day in a glass as a drink not a soup) which is what is the cause for many auto immune illnesses such as Hashimoto’s. I have had high cholesterol for as long as I can remember, at least ten plus years, never coming in below 250 for the total cholesterol. In October 2014, my total cholesterol was 265 and as of March 2015, my total cholesterol was 182 and that was without any exercise at all ( I have since started running, doing Pilates and working out with weights, so that number may be even lower by now).

It is truly amazing what changing your lifestyle can do for your body! You are what you eat and that is a true statement and I am living proof. My synthroid dosage as of October 2014 was .125mcgs which was the dosage I had been on for at least the last two years and now I just got lowered again to .88 mcgs. What that means is that as my body is healing, as is my thyroid, and it is starting to finally make more of its own TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) hence needing less replacement (the synthroid). I also might mention that in the interim, I lost about 17lbs and I am smaller than I was in high school. I should also mention that I joined a gym in May 2015 and they did a body fat test and my body fat was 13.3% and that was the lowest it has ever been (the average body fat for a woman is 18%-28%). This was even lower than when I was 27 (before having any kids) when I was 19%. I did not set out to lose weight or be skinny or even lower my cholesterol or lower my thyroid dosage, I just set out to fight back wit
h food and give my body what it needed to not just be alive but to LIVE. All of the aforementioned just happened has my body was healing.

I feel so in tune with my body now. It’s even shocking to me how, when you live a clean life, your body is so thankful and good to you as well. I need much less sleep than I used to. I used to have to take a nap every day or I could not function and I was always tired, even with napping. Now that I juice and do my bone broth and the other healing soups I have more energy than I have had in over twenty years. I have an energy that must show on the outside because people have never been so nice to me, I feel good and it shows! Everywhere I go people are so nice and friendly to me like I have never known, ESPECIALLY here in Boca Raton, FL.

I am so thankful every day for the My Organic Juice company and Ben and Karolyn Fox and of course God for giving me the knowledge AND the strength to change my lifestyle and give me my life back for not only myself but most importantly for my children. Looking back, I really believe, as awful as it was, that the whole experience with the steroids and going off of my synthroid back in October 2014, which was the catalyst for my lifestyle change, had to happen. God had to have this happen to force me into making a change or I really would have stayed on the path I was on and probably at some point had a heart attack due to my high cholesterol and the fact that it runs in my family as it is what took my dad’s life at the young age of 63. Both of my brothers have very high cholesterol and both take statins (Lipitor) while I have never taken a statin in my life and had the same result of lower cholesterol with food as my medicine not a statin!

Thank you again to the team at My Organic Juice for making a product that changes lives!