Monster 3oz Wheatgrass Shot

World renowned Hippocrates health institute calls wheatgrass: “natures finest medicine.” The two founders of this company saw the benefits of this life saving, locally grown plant first hand, when they stayed there a few years back. Since that day, they haven’t stopped juicing wheatgrass, and have seen their health improve dramatically.

This locally grown, 100% organic, in a glass bottle, 3 ounce monster shot of wheatgrass has the nutritional equivalent of 7 1/2 pounds of the best organic vegetables. It’s kind of like a healthy nano weapon, that is on our side, and floods the body with tons of nutrients. Loaded with vitamins A, C, B, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, it is a complete source of protein with every single essential amino acid. This superfood is also known to increase your red blood cell count, cleanse your blood, organs and gastrointestinal track, not to mention detoxifying your liver and blood.