Every juice enthusiast has their reasons for taking the plunge into juicing, but for the most part, many just want to feel better in their skin. While juicing for weight loss should never be the sole means of losing extra pounds, juice cleanses are a great way to kick-off a weight loss regimen and work even better when incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. Cleanse your body and begin your weight loss journey the right way with a 3- or 5-day juice cleanse!

Preparing For Your Weight Loss Juice Cleanse

We know, we know – you’re excited to get this thing going and begin feeling better as soon as possible. But properly preparing for a juice cleanse is a must to drain every ounce of nutrition from its benefits. Plus, it will ease you through any cravings that might arise during the cleanse. Four or five days before you plan to begin your cleanse, phase out the following from your diet: refined sugars, red meat, wheat, soy, dairy, eggs, alcohol, and caffeine. Replace these foods with fresh fruits and veggies. Remember, the cleanse only takes a few days and worth every cup of coffee, wine and piece of cake you give up.

Three Days Before the Juice Cleanse

Get rid of all meat entirely. A lightly poaches fish is okay. Have a nice salad for dinner with fish on this day and drizzle it in organic, extra-virgin olive oil. Delicious!

Two Days Before the Juice Cleanse

All meat in every type of form is now gone. Your diet should consist mainly of green salads and veggies. If you find yourself craving a bit more, munch on some brown rice or a sweet potato to ease you into the cleanse.

The Day Before the Cleanse

Cut back on fruit now as well and load up on your vegetables. Raw is best, but lightly steamed is good as well. Unless you absolutely have to, avoid starchy vegetables such as carrots, beets and squash.

Your New Morning Ritual

Every morning of the juice cleanse, the first thing that will go in your body is room temperature lemon water. Lemon water aids in digestion and boosts your system. It also helps wake you up, and you’ll find you won’t be missing your usual cup o’ joe as much as you thought. Throughout the cleanse, you may also drink herbal tea as much as you like, whenever you like!

The Juice Cleanse

It’s time to get down to what you’ve been waiting for – the juice cleanse itself! My Organic Juice makes cleansing easy. We deliver 1-,3-,5-,7- or 10-day organic juice cleanses right to your door step. Each juice is numbered for consumption throughout the day and are to be drunk 2-3 hours apart. Your body will be fueled with all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs. End the day with our almond drink two hours before bedtime for the perfect nightcap.

Keep hydrated between juices with water and herbal tea to help flush out the toxins released by the cleanse. If you find yourself missing the sensation of chewing, it’s ok to eat small amounts of raw fruits and veggies or our Organic Bone Broth Soup.

Post Cleanse

You made it! Now that wasn’t so bad, was it? You’re more energetic than you’ve been in years and are literally glowing with nutrients. But don’t undo what you’ve just done. Transitioning out of a cleanse is crucial to continue the nutritional benefits and keep these good vibes going. Slowly, reintroduce solid foods into your system – beginning with foods high in water.

  • Day 1: Fresh, green juice and fruit
  • Day 2: Veggies raw or steamed. Avoid anything starchy.
  • Day 3: Green salads, brown rice and sweet potato
  • Day 4: Meat, preferably fish
  • Day 5: Normal food may now be slowly reintroduced

You’ll find at the end of your cleanse that you won’t crave normal food the same way again. You’ll also find that clothes fit better and you’ve discovered a new sense of discipline in yourself to keep it that way. Take this time to eliminate bad habits you haven’t been able to kick prior – like eating processed foods, wheat or sugar. But most important of all, take this time to celebrate you! You deserve it!