Organic Juice in Lantana, FL

Organic Juice in Lantana Florida

The beautiful coastal town of Lantana is located north of Boynton Beach in Palm Beach County,Florida and still maintains its original old Florida fishing village allure. Of the 38 cities in Palm Beach County, Lantana is the 15th largest with an approximate population of 10,627. It is an old charmer; a charm which now boasts the wonderful addition of My Organic Juice delivering to Lantana. Residents of this quaint town now have the luxury of Cold-Pressed Organic Juice at their fingertips.

How is My Organic Juice’s Organic Juice in Lantana, FL Different?

Experience the My Organic Juice difference made through the unique Cold-Pressed method that ensures your organic juice delivery is loaded with five times more enzymes, nutrients and minerals than juice made from a centrifugal juicer when it reaches your door. Now that is the organic juice difference in Lantana which offers you single juices, cleanses, gift certificates and shots. They are all organic,raw, unpasteurized,cold-pressed, made fresh everyday and are glass Bottled. My Organic Juice offers you authentic juice with a high ratio of: 80-90% Vegetables to 10-20% Fruit (MOJ is not trying to mask the flavor with too much fruit content- We’re in it for you to win it). We offer you juice from local organic produce sourced from Global Organics and various other local organic farms, and to top it off we offer Organic Juice Delivery right to your door, whether home or business.

Why Choose My Organic Juice in Lantana, FL

Organic Juice in Lantana, FL | My Organic JuiceWhatever service you like, we provide; weekly delivered cold to your doorstep in Lantana or a la carte delivery service (five-drink minimum). You can place a one time order online or call 561-403-1700 with your queries. Once or twice per week your cold fresh order will be delivered to your door in an ice pack-filled insulated MOJ bag . To prepare for your next delivery, just leave the previous week’s bags, ice packs and bottles at your door and we’ll do the rest.   Order your cleanses online before 3pm est, and they will be delivered the next day. Keep in mind that the cleanses have to be re-ordered every time you need them as the delivery is not automated. They are delivered in an ice pack-filled insulated MOJ bag which is for you to re-use. They can be utilized in many different ways especially for family outings which require cold food storage. Recycling methods are endless. Remember to exchange your bag with a delivery driver if you are doing a five day cleanse as you will receive your delivery twice for that particular week. Enjoy your My Organic Juice Delivery!