It seems as if everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to your yoga friend Sharon have become advocates for juicing and juice cleanse weight loss as the holy grail of health – and we’re with them. A juice cleanse is one of the best ways to give your body a break, rid it of toxins and get your health back on track. Furthermore, juicing for weight loss has been proven to break old habits and serve as a strong foundation for your weight loss program.

Beginning and sticking to a juice cleanse weight loss program has bested more than its fair share of attempt-ees. After all, committing three or five days to nothing but nutritious juices is no easy feat, but definitely one that can be accomplished. Before you set out on your first or next cleanse, take a look at our juice cleanse weight loss facts to increase your chances of success.

What is a Juice Cleanse Weight Loss Plan?

A juice cleanse weight loss plan is when you abstain from solid foods for a short period of time to allow the body time to rest and rid itself of toxins. Programs range anywhere from one to ten days depending on your juice cleanse weight loss goals. During this time, your body is revived and replenished so that it can once again perform at peak performance.

Why Try a Juice Cleanse?

Reasons to try juicing are unique for everyone. For some, it’s to detox, for others it’s simply because they want to give their health the kick into high gear its been craving. Other reasons include to lose weight, cut bad eating habits, cleanse from an unhealthy period of partying, to reset taste buds, kick alcohol or caffeine cravings and the list goes on. Only you can answer why you should try a juice cleanse so long as that reason is your own.

Why Wouldn’t You Try a Juice Cleanse?

Like all trends before it, juicing has undergone its fair share of scrutiny. From price points to medical backlash, juice cleanses have faced it all. While some of its backlash addresses valid concerns – yes, those with diabetes should consult with a doctor first – many of its strikers are quick to point fingers at failed cases while ignoring its countless stories of success. Our bodies detox daily on their own, but juice cleanses expedite the process. Those who go on a juice cleanse lose weight briefly and gain it back, but are gifted with the discipline to say no to that cookie next time it passes their way. Ultimately, a juice cleanse weight loss program is a commitment that only you can decide to stick with through the thick of it.

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