I want a fancy new title– like Director of Nutrition. I probably don’t deserve it, and my knowledge doesn’t exactly back it up, but that has never stopped me. I used to want to be called the “Minister of Defense,” like the late, great, Reggie White (ladies, he played in the NFL). That guy could hit! And, he played with passion. One thing I like about blogging is that I am able to talk about one of my more recent passions: getting healthy. Something I do not like about blogging is that I can only write two consecutive sentences about football before I lose half of my audience!

I love nutrition and exercise, but, like many, I struggled with the concept of balance. Ask anyone who knows me– they will likely use the word “intense” to describe me. Thus, it is a relief to those closest to me that I have become a little less intense over the years. Removing alcohol, tobacco, pre-workout drinks, pesticides, hormones, and most non-organic products was a huge start.  Changing what I listened to, watched on television, read, and who I spent time with, also helped.
Someone once told me that you can tell what a man is willing to do by what he actually does. Today, I judge myself by my actions and not my words.  I did not get unhealthy in a day, so I will not have perfect health in one day.  My goal has been to constantly take steps in the right direction. Some steps were giant, like, putting down major vices. Going all-organic was another big step. Saunas, colonics, and, skin brushing were steps in the right direction.  All of these things helped me get to this point. But, the truth is, I have never found a good thing I didn’t want more of.  That caused me a lot of pain in my earlier years, but now my goal of becoming healthier has only led to joy.
I never intended to be a “juicer.”  I laughed at the whole concept of eating organic and thought eating healthfully was for those who couldn’t throw around serious weight in the gym. I won’t ever say that juicing is the entire picture, but, for me, it is a large part of it. Our body has many parts, but it’s not going anywhere without the heart. Juicing is the heart of my nutrition program. I am not writing this because I work for my wife, who owns a juice comp179013608any (that was a joke). I am writing this because it has the benefits of juicing are innumerable in my life.
Let’s put aside the fact that I don’t get sick anymore, which is a huge miracle. Juicing makes me feel alive. It gives me real energy, from real nutrition, which helps keep my body running at its optimal level. So why don’t I always feel great? Some people would say that’s part of life. My experience?  It’s usually when I stop doing things I know are healthy and good for me, and, my body reacts. For instance, a couple of months ago, I was experiencing high levels of acidity. My wife recommended I drink less coffee. I translated that into drinking less juice. The result? My digestive system suffered until I began using baking soda, drank less coffee, and added more juice. How do I feel today? Truthfully, I’ve never felt so good in my life! I slept in until 5:30 a.m., which, for me, is really late. And, I ran like a machine, ate properly, and stayed hydrated.
That recipe usually works well for me. Sometimes, I get impatient, and want titles like Director of Nutrition, when I have only been on this journey for a few years. I stopped competing with others years ago and only push myself to be my best.
Becoming healthy is a journey.  One of my spiritual advisors taught me that growth does not have to be painful. It is the resistance to growth that is painful. Growth, itself, can bring lots of joy. Knowing that I am a totally different person than I was five years ago is an amazing feeling. It makes me hungry for more knowledge, better health, and to be able to continue passing on what was so freely given to me.
The journey to a healthful lifestyle is on that is taken one step at a time. And, no matter where you are, keep moving forward, and never, ever, give up. Maybe one day they will start calling you the Director of Nutrition! My Organic Juice is a strategic part of my healthy, holistic lifestyle. I feel lucky to be a part of My Organic Juice and the positive, mindful movement it supports.
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