Have you given our Ultimate New Years Juice Fast a try yet? If you have, then you probably know a big part of juice fasts and cleanses is the lead up to your juicing days, as well as the slow post-cleanse process. It’s common for people to crave meat during these days and one of the best ways to satisfy those cravings is with something warm and hearty: paleo bone broth soup.

Bone Broth Soup for Paleo Diets

Paleo bone broth soup is the perfect compliment to chilly winter weather, as well as for your diet. In our last blog about the beauty of bone broth soup, we covered everything from its healing benefits to its painstaking stewing process. To sum it up, bone broth soup’s healing properties are ancient, dating back to the days of some of our earliest ancestors. Yes, your great, great, great, very great grandma use to serve this dish up for the clan as they sat fireside in the family cave. Over the past couple years, we’ve seen a resurgence in this type of paleo eating based on the theology that these are the foods our bodies have evolved with and therefore what we’re designed to eat.

Juicing and a Paleo Diet

Many a My Organic Juice Devotee has made the jump into leading a paleo-based diet after a juice cleanse or two. Why? It’s really quite simple. Because they just feel better. We’ve grown to be a culture with diets based on processed foods, but this paradigm shift in eating is a very recent adjustment – and look where it got us. Heart disease, cancer, addiction and an obesity epidemic to name a few. In fact 80% of the processed foods on American shelves are actually banned in other nations. Time and time again, we’ve watched our juicers transform their bodies, health and lifestyle simply by cutting the crap and replacing it with a fresh, wholesome diet.

If you’ve decided to make the jump into a paleo-based diet, we have a tip or two for you. First, just get rid of it all. That’s right, pull out the garbage can and toss away anything processed or refined. There are alternatives everywhere, and with a few small lifestyle changes, you’ll find paleo eating is no more a hassle than a life with the “convenience” of processed foods. Next, schedule a little extra time to go to the grocery store. You’ll be going a little bit more often to keep fresh foods on the table, but this can be supplemented with food delivery services. At My Organic Juice, we deliver fresh juices and bone broth soups right to your door. Now, take on your biggest nemesis: cravings. We don’t expect cravings for Little Debbies and salty potato chips to disappear overnight. Take comfort in knowing we’ve all gone through this same step during our own cleansing processes. So don’t get down on yourself. Find alternatives for cravings, such as bone broth soup for those times you’re craving something salty or a burger.

Keep up the good work in the New Year and stick to your health goals. Make 2016 the year you take charge of your body, your health and your life. You can find our bone broth soup HERE