The My Organic Juice Autoship Program

Introducing our new Autoship program! We took our previous Subscription program and MADE IT BETTER!

Here is how it works. AutoShip

  1. Go to the page of each juice you want.
  2. When you get there, click the dropdown in the Autoship box and then choose the quantity you want and click “Add To Cart”.
  3. Repeat those steps on the details page of each juice you want.
  4. Checkout and choose your delivery date.
  5. Once your order i complete go to “My Account”
  6. Go to the “Autoship Schedules” tab under “My Account”
  7. Adjust “Next Ship Date” to the proper day of the week you want your order each week and you will get this order delivered to you on this day each week!

Autoship Scheduler

The beauty of this new Autoship program is that you can change the juices you want in the “Autoship Schedules” tab under “My Account”. To get the new juices on your next delivery you must make the change before 3pm est the day before the scheduled delivery.

You can also have more than one Autoship so you can build out a delivery for up to 5 days a week. The one seen above would be for every Tuesday as 3/13 is a Tuesday. Each delivery day would be its own order that you can customize in the “Autoship Schedules” tab under “My Account”. Want juices delivered Tuesday and Friday? No problem. Just create an order for each day and set the delivery day in the “Autoship Schedules” tab under “My Account”.  Below you can see our Friday order

Autoship Soup

You can see we have an Autoship set for Tuesday the 13th and Friday the 16th. Choose as many days as you would like!

Autoship 2 Days

The minimum order amount is still $50 for delivery and if you need help setting up your autoship email or call us at 561-403-1700 and we will be happy to assist.